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About me

Hi I'm Sil

I'm a 17 year old drummer from the Netherlands and I make drum covers of popular songs. In 2008 I started going to drum lessons at the local music school. I really liked it and I'm still at the same teacher for more than eight years now. Last year I met Kit Carrera, a professional drummer with his own music school. We planned some lessons and I'm still going to him. It's about 150 kilometers (about 94 miles) driving, but I'm very pleased that I got this opportunity :) These lessons are a bit more difficult than at the local school, but I think my skills are improving faster. I wanted to upload some videos so I started a YouTube channel early this year. Friends and family liked it and I was very excited about making new videos. I gradually got some more subscribers and I'm hoping that the amount of viewers is going to grow! Now we're here, at my brand new website!

My Teachers

They are really pushing me to the limit!
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Peter Biesheuvel

Drum Teacher
Peter used to teach me and another boy for three years. When I realised it’s better to have private lessons we separated. Peter is teaching me for more than eight years now!
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Wobbe Visser

Backup drum teacher
When Peter isn’t able to come somehow, Wobbe will give me drum lessons
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Kit Carrera

Drum teacher at The Hague
Once a month I travel almost 150 kilometers to go to Kit! He’s teaching me some more on a higher level
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Menno Smit

Jazzfusion band teacher
Menno is my Jazz/Fusion band teacher.


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